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Fill in the following details to find out the Tonnage of the Air Conditioner that would suit your requirement best.
Section 1 ( General Details)

  Area of the room.
   Area (sq. ft)          

  Height of the room.
   Height (ft)          

   Usage of the room          

  Maximum No. of Persons in the room at any given point of time.
   No. of Persons          

Section 2 ( Design Conditions)

 Temperature Details
   Please choose your City        
(If your city is not present in the list then select the nearest one.)
  Please specify your desired  Inside Temperature (ºC) 

Section 3 (Wall and Glass Areas)

           Exposed to Sunlight - 
         Glass Area (sq. ft)
   Exposed to Sunlight - 
 Wall Length including glass (ft.)
Section 4  (Surface Details)


  If there is any wall which is not exposed to   sunlight but is exposed to internal non air     conditioned area, then please provide the   length of all those walls.

  Is your roof exposed to sunlight or do you   have some construction over your roof ?

    Exposed    Construction
  Is your room is on the ground floor ?       Yes   No

Section 5 (Internal Equipment Details)


  Please select the appropriate equipment   and their quantity which are present in the   room to be air conditioned.
Computer No.
Printer No.  
Photocopier No.
Fax Machine No.